RxSeedCoin.io Launches Rx First Responders Disaster Relief Affiliate Program

Fort Washington, MD / March 8, 2022 / RxSeedCoin.io (trading on BitMart.com and BabySwap, with symbol WSOW) is an advanced Blockchain technology business that strives to uplift humanity, and provide solutions for pressing problems facing the world today announces that it is officially offering memberships to the Rx First Responders which is a Disaster Relief Affiliate Network to roofing and construction businesses, as well as any other businesses, non-profits and individuals who are interested in coordinating disaster relief activities, logistics and supplies throughout the United States.

The RxSeedCoin.io website now has an “Affiliate” link where businesses, non-profits and individuals from the private sector wanting to participate in disaster relief efforts can work through RxSeedCoin.io and those who want to contribute monetarily can buy WSOW coins from BitMart.com or the BabySwap exchange.

Some of the principal managers of the RxSeedCoin.io project are roofing and construction business owners who routinely find themselves involved as first responders in disaster areas to help stabilize and then over time, rebuild communities.  “Trades people in the construction and roofing industries are a vital component of the team of first responders that participate in disaster relief and stay in affected areas for months and even years to help rebuild from disasters,” says Jeff Richfield, a founder of RxSeedCoin.io.  “Last December, 2021 RxSeedCoin.io rallied several groups together to assist in relief efforts for the victims of the tornadoes in Kentucky.  Our aim now is to formalize and help coordinate private sector relief efforts and in particular the staging of relief supplies for contractors and others who join the Rx First Responders.  Together we can more efficiently bring and distribute relief supplies and help more people and coordinate efforts to be more effective.”

“Disaster relief efforts are not only part of what we do but they are a great way that we can leverage the utility of our WSOW coin.  When people see a disaster they can buy the coin which helps us to buy relief supplies and we can also use the coin to help individuals directly.  This is one of the best  uses for the Blockchain and crypto currency that ever I’ve seen,” says David Miller a founder of RxSeedCoin.io  “People make a contribution by joining our community of WSOW coin holders and if members of the community ever need help themselves they can sell the coin back to the community.” 

RxSeedCoin.io is a for-profit Blockchain technology business with ongoing projects in the clean energy sector with partners such as Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC:SIRC).  RxSeedCoin.io has commited 1/3 of its resources to help provide solutions to meet the growing problems of hunger, homelessness, health, provision of clean energy solutions as well as disaster relief and temporary emergency housing. Those wishing to contribute towards the ongoing relief efforts can purchase WSOW coins on BitMart.com or purchase Bible Artwork NFTs online at RxSeedCoin.io. RxSeedCoin.io has meaningful partnerships, such For more information visit the company’s website at RxSeedCoin.io. 

Any person interested in buying a first ever Bible NFT to help tornado victims, please go to RxSeedCoin.io and click on the “NFTs” menu item. 

For more information about this press release contact: 307-222-9867 or email media@sowcommunity.com

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