RxSeedCoin.io First Responders Group brings aid to victims of the tornadoes in Kentucky and Tennessee

Fort Washington, MD / December 22, 2021 / Rx SeedCoin, Inc. (RxSeedCoin.io:WSOW) an advanced Blockchain technology business that strives to uplift humanity, and provide solutions for pressing problems facing the world today announced that in addition to its ongoing acts of compassion and giving throughout this year it has expanded its current tornado damage relief efforts from one of it’s offices in Tennessee and has now engaged it’s newly formed Rx First Responders Group working with affiliates in the building and roofing industries and traveling onsite into Kentucky on Tuesday this week in order to bring additional supplies and provide aid and help uplift the people in Kentucky who were even more severely affected than people in Tennessee by the recent tornado disaster that occurred on December 11, 2021 where countless lives have been tragically lost right before the Christmas holiday.

Many people don’t realize that when disasters occur people in the construction, roofing, demolition and landscaping along with many other related businesses are an essential part of the team of first and secondary responders whose skills and equipment are required to clear damaged areas so that people can be rescued and immediate repairs can be made to stabilize or demolish structures or even build new temporary structures in order to make both short and long term relief efforts possible. In large scale disasters tradespeople from various companies large and small come from all over the country to assist and these responders are sometimes referred to as “storm chasers.” While the quality and experience of services offered varies, the most competent storm chasers almost always bring with them as many extra supplies as they can carry to provide for people who are in need and to help and assist first responders. In addition to software and hardware design, many of the founding members of RxSeedCoin.io are also involved in the industries of construction, building, roofing and clean energy and as a result they have united together to help create a more formal and better coordinated group that storm chasers can join in order to combine and maximize their relief efforts as the descend into disaster zones while also leveraging the WSOW Crypto currency coin to help capitalize relief efforts and reward participants. This group of first responders from the construction industry that is coordinated by RxSeedCoin.io is called the “Rx First Responders Group.” Members of the Rx First Responders Group are assisted and equipped by RxSeedCoin.io as best they can to provide much needed relief and supplies in addition to performing the vital work that they already do on their own with other first responders. Rx First Responders is also reaching out to non-profits and even churches who may be interested in helping in a variety of uplifting projects in addition to disaster relief.

“Trades people in the construction and roofing industries are a vital component of the team of first responders that participate in disaster relief and stay in effected areas for months and even years to help rebuild from disasters,” says Jeff Richfield a founder of RxSeedCoin.io and the owner of MusicCityBuilders.com, a successful building and roofing company based in Nashville, Tennessee. “Nobody can prepare any trades-person or business owner for the seriousness and the humanity of what they may experience when they arrive in a disaster zone where they may live and work for months and in some cases years far from their own families while trying to help save and rebuild communities. We are only human and seeing people suffering is painful for everyone. When we travel to disaster zones, we bring the supplies that we need in order to do our work and we always bring as many extra supplies with us as we can carry to help others. With Rx First Responders we are working to formalize this process of aid and fill in the gaps by helping to stage additional supplies and assets that contractors and members can use to help people in disaster zones.”

RxSeedCoin.io is a blockchain business that is heavily involved in the clean energy sector as well as banking and exchange solutions and it has committed up to 30% of it’s resources to help uplift people in need and to help provide solutions to meet the problems of hunger, homelessness, health, provision of clean energy as well as disaster relief and temporary emergency housing. RxSeedCoin.io is launching it’s new crypto currency coin also known as “the Coin of Compassion,” or SOW-Coin with the symbol WSOW on the BitMart.com exchange this January 15, 2022 and there is a limited amount of WSOW coins available for Pre-Sale on the RxSeedCoin.io website. The WSOW is viewed as a means to help consolidate and expand it’s blockchain systems development business and its mission to create a community of people who uplift people and help each other in their own times of need. The WSOW crypto currency coin is not only an element that can be used in RxSeedCoin.io’s blockchain business applications but it is also being designed to provide a utility and a reward for holders of the WSOWcoin who buy and hold the coin and who actively transact in the coin in order to help others both inside and outside of the community of coin holders.

RxSeedCoin.io doesn’t just talk about doing acts of compassion, their founding members and affiliated businesses have been doing acts of kindness and financing it from their businesses since the organization was created. Many of their acts of compassion go unreported and many can be viewed on their YouTube channel and other social media links that can be found on the website. This year RxSeedCoin.io’s more notable acts of compassion and philanthropy include, helping to fund a college scholarship for a young man under their associated mentorship who overcame many hardships to earn a position in a prestigious college. This year RxSeedCoin.io has built two tiny homes for those in need. RxSeedCoin.io has organized, funded and participated in several substantial food drops where semi-trucks full of fresh food were made available to those in need in communities in Nashville Tennessee which is the headquarters of the Rx First Responders Group. Recently RxSeedCoin.io helped to save a small business owner whose restaurant was in foreclosure and unable to make his rent do to debts that accumulated as a result of the Covid lock-downs.

“The blockchain and crypto currencies have immense utility that is only now beginning to be tapped as they are in our project with our founding partners at Solar Integrated Roofing (OTC PINK:SIRC) where we are integrating all aspects of the blockchain into the delivery of clean energy. This is good business,” says David Miller, a founding member of Rx SeedCoin.io, “Right now there are meme coins with ordinary utility for people at best which stand for absolutely nothing but that manage to attain support and buyers and powerful market capitalization from people. It is our sincere hope that our WSOW crypto currency will be able to attract even more support from people and even more market capitalization with all it’s actual utility and it’s market is being made by our very real blockchain solutions businesses and partners and whose goal is to create a community of people who uplift and support each other. I’m inviting everyone to become a holder of our WSOW coin an transact using the coin and show the world that business plus compassion is a winning model.”

Any person or organization interested in joining the Rx First Reponders Group should email: firstresponders@sowcommunity.com

For more information about this press release contact: 307-222-9867

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