Token Details


  • Issued from Treasury for sale on the CEX and DEX Exchanges: 300,000,000
  • Allocated for ECO/ICO, held in Rx SeedCoin Market Making accounts: 
  • Pre-Sale Participants, DEX pools and other, up to 4,000,000 allocated. 
  • Initial Liquidity for DEX’s: 500,000 (will add as necessary)
  • NOTICE: There are no WSOW coins held by anyone other than in the master accounts of Rx SeedCoin itself and those who participate in the Pre-Sale. Founders and Principals have SOW Stellar Coin that will be wrapped into WSOW in a controlled manner or be bought back directly by Rx SeedCoin in an orderly and controlled fashion whenever good sustainable trading volume and consistency has been attained when they will not have a high negative impact on the market for WSOW based on the opinion of Rx SeedCoin management.

Initial Price & Market Cap: 

  • Issued for sale on the exchange currently held in the Company Treasury: 300,000,000
  • Circulation: 4,000,000 (Expected 3,000,000 in Pre-Sale, DEX pools and misc.)
  • Opening price:  $0.15 per coin
  • Initial Market Cap: $600,000 USD

Use of Proceeds (Subject to change without notice): 

  • Market Making & Buy Back: The organization is committed to holding enough capital from the proceeds of the sales of the coin to use it’s best efforts to maintain minimum support price above $0.08 per coin at all times.  But there is no guarantee that this will be possible.
  • Funds that become available from sales of coins while still maintaining funds for market making are intended to be used as follows: 30% will go towards direct philanthropic relief endeavors which may include sustainable business development projects and the rest will be applied towards business development to include: Costs of operations, business development, advertising, paying management and staff to help meet the goals of the organization as needed.  

Risk Disclosure

Questions and Answers

Rx SeedCoin is a for-profit advanced Blockchain technology business that strives to provide solutions to meet the growing problems of hunger, homelessness, health, provision of clean energy solutions as well as disaster relief and temporary emergency housing. Rx SeedCoin has created a Crypto Currency Coin called SOW-Coin (aka “the Coin of Compassion”) to capitalize their projects and perform buy backs in order to create a community of people who help each other by buying, holding and transacting in the SOW-Coin which will soon be able to be converted to ordinary fiat currencies. The concept of the coin is that when SOW-Coin holders buy and transact in SOW-Coin they help finance Rx SeedCoin’s relief projects and SOW-Coin holders have a benefit for helping others because they can sell their coins back into the community in order to cover the costs of any emergencies that may arise in their own lives. In this way people “reap what they sow.” Rx SeedCoin is an active market maker helping to grow and maintain the price of their coin through coin by backs using the capital from their business projects as well as using the coin itself as a medium of currency within their projects. Rx SeedCoin is the first ever Stellar Coin wrapped into the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) by Rx SeedCoin engineers yielding WSOW. SOW-Coin is tentatively scheduled for listing on the Bitmart Exchange on January 15, 2021. For more information visit the companies website at

Market Cap is the number of coins issued from treasury times the quoted price per coin.  From a purely technical trading point of view the Market Cap of a coin that is quoted on an exchange is a direct function of the supply and demand for the coin. Therefore, a specific minimum market cap can be engineered for any coin that has initial holders who are committed to making a market in the coin by buying the coin back if necessary, which WSOW has in this case. It is important to understand that the market price of WSOW will be defended by Rx SeedCoin with strategies that are available using Orderbook trading that is available in Centralized Exchanges like, In this way, WSOW is not the same as many other crypto coins whose first listing is only on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) where price can be manipulated to artificial levels without any checks and balances because pricing is set by algorithms rather than actual supply and demand in real time from real Bids and Asks. In addition in the case of Rx SeedCoin, the entire offering of WSOW is held in the accounts of the organization itself and the intention is that there will be no substantial withdraws of the proceeds from the sales of of the coin from the account until such time as the market for the coin achieves enough trading volume that it does not need substantial support from the Rx SeedCoin organization OR at such time as sufficient capital has been built up in the trading accounts to help support WSOW at minimum threshold levels, set by management. 

From a fundamental point of view, Rx SeedCoin is not a security, but rather there is the commitment of the Rx SeedCoin organization to make a long term Market in the coins by doing best efforts basis to perform coin Buy Backs using the proceeds from the underlying businesses of Rx SeedCoin.  Rx SeedCoin is a for-profit organization with substantial business stakeholders including Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC:SIRC) , and and in the retail space with partners like Rx Smart Coffee and some major NFT’s coming soon and much more to be announced.  To our knowledge there are not very many coins that are launched with projects involving partners with millions of dollars worth of clean energy deployments that they want wrapped in NFT’s and for these reasons Rx SeedCoin management believes that a much higher market capitalization is justified. 

Furthermore, there are the following concepts that add to the “fundamentals” based value of the coin including:

a. The integrity of the management team with many members who have successful multimillion dollar business who can easily be found by searching online, which is really the only basis upon which there is any trust to most coins in the market.

b. The fundamental concept of the coin is to do something good and help others out by buying, transacting in and holding the coin and only selling it back into the community if you need help.  This conceptual purpose for the coin makes it’s utility more relevant then coins like Bitcoin which has attained high valuations without any underlying conceptual motivation other than a similar utility of stored value that is defined by user interest. 

c. The business model of the organization combines philanthropic goals financed by businesses and history shows this is a relevant business model (see Forbes article, Corporate Giving By the Numbers).

d. Rx SeedCoin is not simply talking about doing philanthropic activities and events, it already has been doing substantial philanthropic deeds of compassion for over a year before the launch of WSOW and it will continue to do so because the WSOW coin is only an invitation for others to amplify the good that is already being done and expressed by the founders of Rx SeedCoin rather than a hope that people will fund future activities post coin listing.  See our youtube channel for examples of past activities, which include the donation of a tiny home, large scale food give aways to help the needy and  direct relief for individuals who were provided with treatments for illness and medical advice by doctors and struggling business owners whose businesses suffered as a result of the Covid pandemic.

e. Rx SeedCoin is currently creating a network with relief organization including for-profit and non-profit networks that will be coin holders and who will help to co-distribute relief during disasters and in other projects.  These networks include both small and large construction companies that are usually involved with disaster relief and reconstruction on a first responder basis whenever disasters occur. These affiliate organizations will also help support the price of WSOW.

For further understanding of the fundamentals of the Rx SeedCoin business model and the impact on the price of WSOW that justifies this market cap, read through the rest of these FAQ’s. 

Rx SeedCion is a for-profit organization. Our profit centers are focused on leveraging Blockchain business development to include tools, systems and services with an emphasis on sustainable development models including clean energy in both first world and developing countries as well as both Securitized and Title NFT’s and much more. Direct philanthropic relief that will be provided by Rx SeedCoin from the capital generated by the organization from coin sales and other endeavours is slated to be a maximum of 33% at this time. This should leave sufficient capital to uplift the community of WSOW coin holders through coin Buy Backs and ongoing market making which is a function of the Rx SeedCoin organization.

It’s true that many people find the prospect of buying a coin for a few $100 and having it trade up 1000x as their main motivation for buying and selling crypto currency.  It’s also true that even less people are able to actually “get in on the right coin” at the right time and realize that dream. 

At Rx SeedCoin we believe that we have great potential as an organization because of our fundamentals, the fact that are in the for-profit Blockchain business with actual business in the pipeline and at the same time we provide a way to build a community of people who uplift others by buying and transacting in WSOW and help each other out in their own time of need by providing the facility for people to sell their WSOW back into the community where Rx SeedCoin is committed to also being a buyer and market maker of our own WSOW coin.

Although we have very good reason and unique tokenomics that make us hopeful that Rx SeedCoin’s WSOW is a good short term and long term buy and hold, we do not hold ourselves out as a “get rich quick off of crypto currency,” business, nor do we encourage people spend money than they can’t afford to lose buying any coins. At Rx SeedCoin we have good intentions accompanied by what we believe is a good plan with good people involved, but nobody can garuntee success. We are not here to hurt people and as such please read our risk awareness statement before considering buying WSOW (click here to view).  It is our sincere hope that the majority of people who buy WSOW, do so in order to help encourage the use of Crypto Currency and Blockchain technology as a means to help others and to help Rx SeedCoin enlarge the the 33% philanthropic component of it’s business.

On the other hand, in the case of WSOW management feels that the first “Moonshot” threshold scenario is from $1.25 to $2.50 range (10x to 20x) and the second is $5.00 and above and it is very possible that the coin will trade up to $10 and even higher simply because of the  lack of availability of WSOW coins and the fact that the Market Making is being done from an Order Book Trading Style on BitMart.  These are not facts or promises, but we believe that they are realistic targets and while we do not know how long it may take to reach these targets the crypto currency world is known for it’s rapid and high market caps often being attained in less than a few months after the launch of a coin.  However long these thresholds take for us to reach we are in for the long haul.

Some reasons, why we believe that the potential of the WSOW coin to trade up in multiples from it’s opening price is high for several reasons: tight control of the initial float of coins, the willingness of the organization to engage in price support and market making,  price support being executed on a “Order Book” trading systems facilitated by BitMart, the fact that the organization is not under financial pressure to move forward on the basis of a coin sale in order to achieve it’s goals, the integrity of the principal people listed in the white paper who all of credible and easily verifiable successful businesses, and finally the founding members also include business deal facilitators that generate revenue for Rx SeedCoin’s Blockchain businesses, such as Solar Integrated Roofing Corp (OTC:SIRC),,  etc.

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