Heavyweight Boxing Champion Shannon Briggs signs on with RxSeedCoin.io

Fort Washington, MD / February 28, 2022 / RxSeedCoin.io (trading on BitMart.com and BabySwap, with symbol WSOW) is an advanced Blockchain technology business that strives to uplift humanity, and provide solutions for pressing problems facing the world today announces that two time Heavyweight Boxing Champion Shannon Briggs has joined with RxSeedCoin.io to formally develop and launch his system that helps people overcome drug and alcohol addiction.

“As a young man who came from a very modest lifestyle I was unprepared to manage the rapid fame and financial success that I achieved so early in my life. As a result I suffered from addiction several times in my life and even during my career,” says Shannon Briggs. “For me overcoming addiction was one of the toughest fights of my life, but thankfully I’ve made it through and I have a strong desire to use what I’ve learned about overcoming addiction to help others do the same.  Addiction is so wide spread the fight is larger than ever and I believe that it’s such a big problem that the best solution is to get into the business of helping to treat people so that I can systematize and package everything that I’ve learned and deliver those solutions to have the greatest impact and help as many people as possible. That’s where RxSeedCoin comes in.  They also recognize the problem facing society from drug addiction and deaths from overdose and they wanted to find someone to help fight that fight and they were prepared to create communities using blockchain and even coins like WSOW to help with that goal.  I am impressed with the sincerity and expertise of everyone on the team and I look forward to working with them to help me by using the latest technology to deliver help to as many people as possible.”

“Treating people for addiction is an issue that hits home for me because I’ve lost a family member years ago to prescription drug addiction, so of course this is not only important to me but it’s personal,” says Jeff Richfield, a founder of RxSeedCoin.io says. “Our country is going through an unprecedented level of deaths from overdoses as well as homelessness due to addiction,” says David Miller another RxSeedCoin.io founder, “We have Dr. Group on our board who helps countless people heal all over the world and I have coffee infused with herbal medicinal blends in my business RxSmartCoffee and now we can work with Shannon to build and deliver his methods to help people overcome addiction and that makes sense.  As an organization we are looking to help people improve their health overall including their Physical, Mental and Spiritual health.  Business can drive the engines that deliver good things to people. Amazingly there is a lot that we can do by using blockchain technology to create communities and share information and programs that can save lives and incentivise and reward people who overcome addiction so that we can help overcome this plague on our society.”

RxSeedCoin.io is a for-profit advanced Blockchain technology business with on going projects in the clean energy sector that has commited 1/3 of its resources to help provide solutions to meet the growing problems of hunger, homelessness, health, provision of clean energy solutions as well as disaster relief and temporary emergency housing. As part of the company’s ongoing mission to uplift and help people is entering into the business of helping people overcome addiction. Those wishing to contribute towards the ongoing relief efforts can purchase WSOW coins on BitMart.com or purchase Bible Artwork NFTs online at RxSeedCoin.io.

For more information visit the company’s website at RxSeedCoin.io. 

Any person interested in buying a first ever Bible NFT to help tornado victims, please go to RxSeedCoin.io and click on the “NFTs” menu item. 

For more information about this press release contact: 307-222-9867 or email media@sowcommunity.com

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